Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are always boring, and let's be real, we know you didn't read that iTunes terms of agreement before you clicked yes to get your T-Swizzle on. However, here are a few important things we want you to know about Rocket Lobby.

We aren't evil and have no desire, nor time, to read your communication with lawmakers. But just like Google and Gmail, if we really wanted to, we could read it. And certainly our clients are reading your communication because that's who paid for the website you used to send it. You should be thanking them for caring about an issue you care about, too.

Also, pro tip: communication with elected officials is generally always a public record, so don't write or send anything especially ridiculous through Rocket Lobby. Not very many people public records request emails from constituents, but you never know.

Your messages are sent with the email address and information you've given us. That information is very important to our clients so they can follow up with you. Some of that information is important to us so we can also follow up with you about the responsiveness of your elected officials. So, yes, we do keep it. And we and the organization that paid for your website may and probably will email or call you. If that's not your jam, it will break our hearts, but don't use Rocket Lobby. Maybe you should create a service called Secret Lobby? That sounds pretty nefarious.

Finally, if you have any questions or complaints, you can email mom and dad at