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Rocket Lobby makes calls, emails, meeting requests, and social media posts to lawmakers easier, more effective, and more engaging. And it’s as easy to embed as a YouTube video.

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Easy Embedding

Easy Embedding

No more ugly or cumbersome advocacy pages. Embed Rocket Lobby right into your existing website — just like a YouTube video. Wordpress? We love it, too. It's compatible.



Allow your advocates to email, call, set up a meeting, or post on social media. Or just pick one. You decide. And we help track it all!

Custom Datasets

Custom Datasets

Want to connect advocates with their Congresswoman? Cool. Local School Board members? Also cool. Our custom datasets allow you to choose your own advocacy adventure.

Visualize Advocates

Visualize Advocates

We like making pretty things - so we built in the ability to visualize your data to show off to your Board, CEO, President, or your best friend. It will make a huge difference.

Setup Goals

Setup Goals

We allow you to setup and reach goals like how many calls, emails, meetings, or social interactions you want to achieve. And we know you'll make it!

Activity Charts

Activity Charts

Watch these charts display all the great things happening with your campaign. These are automatically updated and are also another beautiful thing to show your bosses.

Custom CSS

Custom Styling

Customize the look with CSS styling to seamlessly integrate Rocket Lobby with your website.

Feedback Loops

Feedback Loops Coming Soon

This is so super special, we are taking an extra couple of weeks to make it perfect. Get instant feedback from your advocates with multiple choice, yes or no, or scalable questions.



Setup Fee



* Custom datasets may require an additional fee, depending on complexity.

Why We Made Rocket Lobby

Good question. It wasn't easy, so let us explain.

Our parent company is in the campaign and public affairs business. We've helped elect politicians at pretty much every level of government, and we also work for non-profits, associations, and corporations trying to make things happen.

Most politicians and legislative aides will tell you, the vast majority of unsolicited email gets sent to spam and is never even read. In fact, we commission an annual survey that proves this year after year. Yet, people keep doing it.

Our clients, and we love them, have used services like Engage by CQ RollCall, VoterVoice, and a few other random advocacy tools. If they worked well, we would have never dedicated the time and energy to make this product. In our opinion, they were ugly, not user-friendly at all, and way, way, way too spammy.

So we invented a way to make sure real constituents reach only their elected officials. This is pretty much half the contact battle. The other half is that we don't allow form emails. By verifying addresses and only delivering original content, our emails are less likely to be flagged as spam and advocates are much, much, much more likely to get a response. Both awesome. But there is way more.

We wanted to make our advocacy tool look good everywhere, just like a YouTube or Facebook video. So, we did it. We have a very short embed code that can be embedded into pretty much any website.

It tracks everything. And it visualizes data in a way that is useful and inspiring.

We built Rocket Lobby around how an effective advocacy organization works, how advocates actually communicate, and how lawmakers actually want to receive communication via phone, email, meetings, or social media.

Thanks for asking why. As you can tell, we really like this product.

And we know you will, too. Do you have time to talk about getting started?

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